Fresh draught
by Sophie Arlot & Fabien Rabin

Femmes, entièrement femmes


Manu, Lucie, Philippe, Amandine and Martial work in farming and other rural trades. According to some, they're an anachronism – dreamers or eccentrics. However, the reason these market gardeners, foresters and cereal farmers use draught animals at work is their desire for quality of life. Their interconnected histories show that work with draught animals is both continuing and being reinvented in France, a country of otherwise highly mechanized agriculture.

National broadcast in cinemas since February 28th 2018
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Hérisson d'argent au "Festival du Film Nature & Environnement de la FRAPNA", 2017
Documentary, 52' & 75', 2017, France
Authors & Directors: Sophie Arlot - Fabien Rabin
Cinematographer: Fabien Rabin
Sound: Sophie ArlotCoproduction: Grenier d'images, France3 Poitou-Charentes, with the participation of Equidia Life, Region New Aquitaine, the Procirep- Société des Producteurs and the Angoa.