At the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Dr. Esteban Rubinstein approaches general medicine from an extra-moral perspective. Inspired by the philosophical works of Friedrich Nietzsche, he creates in his office a space for reflection with his patients on the body, health and illness. Together, they seek to set aside certain pre-established values in medicine such as the normal, the natural, the good and the bad.

Documentary, 79', 2022, Argentina
With: Dr. Estebn Rubinstein, Valeria Grossi, Paco Siquo & Julio Gavagnin
Writer -Director: Jorge Leandro Colás
Photography: Aylen Lopez
Editing : Jeanne Oberson & Karina Exposito Rodriguez
Editing Assistant : Matthieu Grosmaire
Sound: Rodrigo Stambuk
Color Grading : Thierry Schmitt
Sound Mixing : Ivan Broussegoutte & Carlos Olmedo
Music : Selma Mutal
Choreography : Claudia Ganquin
Director Assistant : Julieta Caceres
Co-production : Salamanca Cine - Argentina
With the support of the department of Charente-Maritime and of the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine in partnership with the CNC