by Djamil Beloucif

Femmes, entièrement femmes


Ordinary day of a street in Algiers, where a film is made and unmade under the gaze of a camera.

"I wanted to explore the subject of looks that question the look; the local people in front of a strange camera, an outsider, but also to question the looks of the future spectators who would see that film, summoned to make a subject and to give it its shape; because I put neither history nor subject strictly speaking, even if some people have considered the camera as a subject; but actually, I wanted to get away from it all. My goal: to try something. I believe that for this type of film, a subject could only affect the quality of what we see; it's basically an inventory seen by me in 2010 of this street”.

Excerpt from an interview of Djamil Beloucif with Habiba Djahnine, Director and President of Cinema and Memory

Documentary, 77', 2011, Algeria/Switzerland
Author & Director: Djamil Beloucif
Cinematographer: Amar Lounes, Youcef Krache
Sound: Mohames Obeid, Mehdi Boubekeur
Editing: Ali Umut Ergin, Pierre Agoutin
Sound editing: Sami Dahili, Chafik Rouag
Production: ADA Films
  • Award of the Public, Festival Corsicadoc, Ajaccio, 2011
  • Special mention of the Jury, Festival de cinéma africain de Cordoba, 2012
  • Festival des 3continents, Nantes, 2012
  • Festival Lumière d’Afrique, Besançon, 2012
  • Rencontres cinématographiques de Béjaïa, Algeria, 2012
  • Festival international de Dhakka, Bangladesh, 2012
  • Festival CinéAfriqua, Poitiers, 2013