de Mama Njikam Mbouobouo

Femmes, entièrement femmes


Yaoundé, Cameroon. At the end of a sanitation program, the city is demolishing many housing units considered unsafe. 10,000 people find themselves on the streets. Among them, Maman Marthe. When her home was destroyed, she was in the hospital, she had nothing left. She settles in the same place in a summary hut. The broadcast of the film À démolir, introduces the old woman to the world. Donors send her money to set up a small wood business...

Documentary, 26', 2010, Cameroun/France
Author & Director: Mama Njikam Mbouobouo
Cinematographer: Simon-Pierre Bell
Sound: Simon-Pierre Bell
Editing: Théophile Ngwe II
Coproduction: Africadoc Cameroun


  • Prix du documentaire, Festival CinéSud, Royan, 2012
  • Festival international du film d'Amiens, 2012