by Mama Mbouobouo

Femmes, entièrement femmes


The Sultan, King of Bamouns Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya is the 19th King of the Nchare Yen dynasty. Every two years, during the festivities of Nguon, his people judge him freely on his management of the Kingdom. He is stripped of all his attributes of king and faces critics in all humility. His Majesty is also a senator and sits in the Upper House of the Cameroonian Parliament. This dual personality is not to well appreciated by all Bamouns. This film is an immersion in the life of the Bamouns and, in particular, that of the King during the organization of the next edition of Nguon and the municipal and senatorial elections.

Documentary, 52' Cameroon / France
Author-director: Mama Njikam Mbouobouo
Co-production: Epsum Seven Hills Media, Lyon Capitale TV
With the participation of the National Center for Cinema and Animated Image
With the support of the department of Charente-Maritime and the New Aquitaine region in partnership with the CNC, Africadoc as part of the Lumière d'Afrique collections