de Maud Rivière et Thomas Loubière EN

Femmes, entièrement femmes


Achta, Alico, Ismaël and Khadidja live in Chad, in the Gaoui refugee camp. Initially, they had to stay there for 45 days before being integrated into the Chadian population. The temporary becomes durable and refugees transform this place of passage into a place of life. They invest and inhabit it, always haunted by memories of a past that does not pass. With NGOs, a relationship of love-hate is established, between dependency and mistrust. But there are new humanitarians arriving and propose them to leave the camp.

  • Sunday 06/06 at 9.55 pm on TV7 Bordeaux

Documentary, 77', 2020, France
With the support of Procirep - Société des Producteurs, Angoa, and the New-Aquitaine region
Authors: Maud Rivière & Thomas Loubière
Director: Thomas Loubière