by Djamil Beloucif

Femmes, entièrement femmes


At the arrival of a cameraman in the neighborhood of Boiffiers, this one meets its inhabitants and discovers a daily life very different from the common stereotypes. But not being a documentary maker, he makes a film in his own way. It's in the box is a hybrid film about a neighborhood, where characters bring their personal, sociological and poetic responsibility to make speak a place.

Documentary, 65', 2013, France
Author & Director: Djamil Beloucif
Cinematographer: Pierre Agoutin, Sébastien Cassen
Costumes: Audrey Suraud
Editing: Pierre Agoutin
Sound: Léopoldine Dupuy-Chausse
Sound editing: Clément Chauvelle
Coproduction: Le Peuple Créateur, ADA Films
  • Festival d’Oran du film arabe, Algeria, 2013
  • Festival du cinéma africain de Cordoba, Spain, 2013
  • Maghreb des films, Paris, 2013
  • Mois du film documentaire, France, 2013
  • Rencontres cinématographiques de Béjaïa, Algeria, 2014
  • Journées cinématographiques de Carthage, Tunisia, 2014
  • Rencontres internationales des cinémas arabes Aflam, Marseille, 2015
  • Festival Image de ville, Aix-en-Provence, 2015