Saad Zenir enthusiastically begins writing his next film. He wants to adapt a novel written in 1961, it is about Le Quai Aux Fleurs ne répond plus by the Algerian author Malek Haddad. This time, he decided to take to the road in search of inspiration and tranquility that he no longer finds at home.

Very quickly he realizes that his project is far from being obvious. His reading of the novel, which tells the story of love and friendship against the backdrop of the Algerian war of liberation, is too personal, even deviant for the authorities, who have a completely different view of the war of liberation and the commitment of Algerian authors. Day after day, he sees the possibilities of making the film dwindle and this situation of deadlock reminds him of the impasse in which his personal life finds itself.

As his descent into hell deepens, he redoubles his determination for the film when he learns that a few years after independence, the novelist Malek Haddad had written a screenplay for a director friend and that the film could never be made because of censorship.

Fiction, 90', 2021, Algeria/France
Author-director : Mohamed Lakhdar Tati