She is French, he is Algerian. Their whole childhood was rocked by the Algerian war. Traumatic memories of a forced departure for the journalist, daughter of black feet; mythical tale of a glorious independence for the director, a human rights activist. Everyone got their own version of the story. Far from the official historiography, they meet witnesses with voluntarily forgotten speeches and who fight against the war of memories to make a more appeased truth heard.

Documentaire, 88', 2020, France-Algeria
Author-director: Carole Filiu-Mouhali et Ferhat Mouhali
Image: Ferhat Mouhali et Amine Aznay, Mélanie Favreau
Sound: Carole Filiu-Mouhali et Djamil Beloucif, Halim Chorfa, Salim Bakdi
Editing: Linda Attab, Ferhat Mouhali
Mix: Harmide Adeline
Co-production : VraiVrai Films, Carole Filiu-Mouhali et Ferhat Mouhali
With the support: of the Procirep-Angoa, Région PACA in partnership with the CNC, l'Institut Français d'Algérie.
  •  Bouamari-Vautier Award for emerging Algerian Cinema - 2022
  • Ligue des Droits de l'Homme Documentaty Award at the Festival Mondes en vue, Pointe-à-Pitre, 2022
  • Special Mention at the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, Geneva - 2022