by Felix Mbog-Len Mapout

Femmes, entièrement femmes


The myth of Mapout is the example of a family that is reconciled with the story of a father, Mapout, who was a resistance fighter as Nyobe Um, Moumie Ouandié, Afana, Kingué and many others.

Marked by the hand of the former colonial metropolis, the official history of Cameroon has maintained the mystery and propagated false prejudices against the guerrillas, those resistant to the war of independence of the 50s and 60s, nationalist heroes of the first Cameroonian party, the Union of the Populations of Cameroon.

Documentary, 59', 2014, Cameroon / France

Author & Director: Félix Mbog-Len Mapout
Production: Cyrille Masso & Florent Coulon
Cinematographer : Joël Nzeuga
Sound: Hubert Donkam
Editing: Camille Fougère
Sound editing: Benoit Perraud
Color correction: Martin Hardouin-Duparc
  • Eden du documentaire, Festival Lumières d'Afrique de Besançon, 2016
  • Special mention of the Jury mid length, Festival du Film Documentaire de Saint-Louis, Senegal, 2015
  • Festival Regards sur l'Afrique, Arcueil, 2016
  • Festival Afrique en Docs, Lille, 2015
  • Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire - section Tënk, Lussas, France, 2015
  • Festival Ecrans Noirs, Yaoundé, Cameroon, 2015