by Denis Piningre

Femmes, entièrement femmes


It all began in 1844 when workers in Rochdale (near Manchester, UK), tired of being abused by local traders, came together to form the very first cooperative and enacted the principles. Spreading first across the United Kingdom and then into Europe and the world, cooperatives represent a mode of organizing work and consumption in opposition to the dominant capitalist system. Having experienced in France a rapid development until the 1980s, the "Coop" must then face with more or less success bulldozer of supermarkets and its central purchasing. Today, new forms of consumer co-ops are emerging here and there, showing that it is possible to offer in participatory form broadly open access to quality local products.

Documentary, 52', 2017, France

Author & Director: Denys Piningre
Cinematographer and Sound: Denys Piningre
Editing: Françoise Mrozielski
Sound editing: Ivan Broussegoutte
Color correction: Frédéric Legrand
Music: Gilles Patrat
Coproduction: Vosges Télévision
With the participation of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée, the Procirep-Angoa, the Institut du Développement Coopératif and the Peuple Créateur
  • Cinéma American Cosmograph, Toulouse, août 2017
  • Cinéma Gallia, Saintes, septembre 2017
  • Cinéma Utopia, Bordeaux, septembre 2017
  • Cinéma Utopia, Montpellier, novembre 2017
  • Cinéma Le Festival, Bègles, janvier 2018