by Antoine Chesné

Femmes, entièrement femmes


The corridor is an intermediate space which provides access to another space. Moussa Mara is in the corridor of the republican power.

The presidential elections of the Malian Republic will take place at the end of the year 2018. Arrived in politics by the associative action, Moussa Mara is a very singular candidate. In response to the endless crisis that is undermining the country, he is preparing an election campaign outside partisan circles.

Are the political intentions that mark his past and define his discourse a real motivation for future action? Are not they a spectacular facade serving an electoral strategy?

Between these two questions, the election candidate is on the edge of the razor. In our democracies it is very often the image of the politician who carries the judgment of the voters in despite of the singularity of his intentions.

Through the electoral process of this Malian politician, against the backdrop of a flickering republic, the film proposes a reflection on the meaning of republican action in a national political life.

Documentary, France

Author-director: Antoine Chesné
Developed with the support of the Procirep - Producers and Angoa Company, and the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine as part of the Activity Program Assistance