by Sophie Glanddier

Femmes, entièrement femmes


Jessica is alone in life and struggles on a daily basis to keep her head out of the water. She has few resources, but yet strong she keeps up the hope of a better life and counts "getting by". Thanks to work, love, encounters, luck or friendship, she multiplies her chances of escaping precariousness: it is her curiosity that creates the link between us. I give her a hand, I carry her, I support her. She entrusts me with her daily life to make a film and gives me her vision of the beauty of the world.

Our relationship develops and strengths on her hard road to emancipation: this film is the meeting of two worlds, two generations, two temperaments.

Short documentary film, 55', France, 2018
Author & Director: Sophie Glanddier
Cinematographer & Sound: Sophie Glanddier
Editing: Sophie Glanddier & Daniela de Felice
Sound editing: Ivan Broussegoutte
Color correction: Studio Mujo
With the participation of the department of Charente, the Region New Aquitaine, and the CNC