In 1980, a paramilitary group made the young Basque José Miguel Etxeberria disappear. This loss radically changed the life of the Etxeberria family, whose only memory is the steering wheel of the car he was driving at the time of his disappearance. This object pushes them to continue their search. 40 years later, it seems that his body was found in the Landes region of France. This news shocks the Etxeberria: if it is found, they will finally be able to rest. If not, the youngest child in the family will inherit the steering wheel and continue to search for the uncle he never knew.


Documentary 91' - 2021, Spain / France
Writers-Directors : Iñaki Alforja and Iban Toledo
With: Eneko Etxeberria Álvarez, Amaia Irigoyen, Oier Etxeberria Irigoyen, José Angel Zinkunegi Urdapilleta, Enrike Zurutuza Odriozola, Eugenio Etxebeste, Tito Eseberri López, Javier Gesta, Iosu Cabodevilla Eraso, Enrique Abárzuza Apezarena, Paco Etxeberria Gabilondo, Iñaki Errazkin, Luciano Hazan, Iñigo Iruin
Photography: Iñaki Alforja et Iban Toledo
Sound: Danel Ciáurriz, Fabio de las Morenas
Editing: Mathieu Gouilliard
Music: Pello Ramirez
Sound Editing: Danel Ciáurriz
Color Grading: Thierry Schmidt
Co-production: On Produkzioak, Iñaki Alforja, Kanaldude, with the participation of ETB and the support of the Government of the Basque Country Autonomous Community of the Gouvernment of Navarre, the participation of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée - France and the support of the Charente-Maritime department in partnership with the CNC.