Three VraiVrai Films movies at the festival “Résistance” in Foix
July 11, 2019

This year, the festival Résistances in Foix asks itself : Why do “developed” and “under-developed”, “rich” and “poor” countries are the same over the centuries ? How is it possible that in certain areas of the world, people live a comfortable life while in others, living-conditions are so hard that people have to leave their own countries ?

To open a debate, the festival programs among others, three of our films : Vivre riche by Joël Akafou, La colère dans le vent by Amina Weira and Tsofa by Rufin Mbou Mikima as part of the theme “Colonialismes en chaine” (Colonialisms on a loop).

On the 6th of July at 6pm, a debate on migrations will be led by the president of theLigue des Droits de l’Homme (Human Rights League), Christian Morisse, with the participation of Joël Akafou and Rufin Mbou Mikima, movie directors.

Finally Vivre Riche will be shown at the beginning of the festival at the movie theater ABC in Toulouse on the 4th of July in the presence of the director.

Ganda, le dernier griot  & Le cimetière des éléphants in Cameroun

From the 13th to the 20th of July will take place in Yaoundé the 23rd edition of the festival Ecrans Noirs. Movies of Ousmane Diagana (Ganda, le dernier griot) and Eléonore Yameogo (Le cimetière des éléphants) will compete int International Documentaries’s section.

Best documentary award for “Le cimetière des éléphants” 

Le cimetière des éléphants by Eléonore Yameogo is rewarded by the Festicab, international festival of cinema and audiovisual of Burundi, as best documentary movie in the international category.